Fort Bend County Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Representation for Your Child in Fort Bend and Harris Counties

A conviction for a crime can follow your child around for the rest of their life, making it difficult to obtain a career, housing, school loans and education. After an arrest, it is important that you work to protect your child's name and future by retaining the legal counsel of a trusted criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend County. According to state law, Texas recognizes children 17 years and younger as juveniles, which means that if they are arrested, they will not be charged in an adult court, but rather in a juvenile justice system. At the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen, I fully understand Texas law as it pertains to juvenile defense and I will work hard to assist your child in obtaining a favorable outcome for their criminal case.

In Texas, juvenile offenses are often referred to as delinquent conduct. Minors can be arrested for numerous reasons, including traffic violations, drug charges, weapons charges, alcohol-related crimes, and theft. The Texas juvenile court system operates on a basis of not incarcerating every individual, but rather evaluating them, getting them the help that they need, and releasing them under supervised care into the community with the tools that they need to become productive members of society. Even with the care that is taken to assess juvenile offenders, parents and children alike know that an arrest can be frightening. In some unfortunate circumstances, state prosecutors will try to get a juvenile offense elevated to be tried in an adult court in order to "make an example" out of the child. If your child has been arrested, it is vital that you contact my firm as soon as possible.

Protecting Your Child's Name

With so much on the line, it is crucial that all necessary actions be taken to help ensure that your child receives a fair trial and the opportunity to be released back to your custody. With the help of my firm, you may be able to obtain a favorable outcome for your child and their criminal trial. Some charges can be easily dismissed or reduced. If your son or daughter is facing criminal accusations, then you need to work with the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen right away. When you work with my firm, you will be working with a highly dedicated and understanding attorney who has more than 30 years of experience in providing outstanding representation to clients both adult and children. Contact the firm today to schedule a free case evaluation as possible.