Fort Bend County Internet Crimes Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling White Collar Crime Cases

Crimes that are committed online or with the use of a computer can cause you to be subject to criminal investigation, arrest and possibly a conviction of a misdemeanor or felony act. These charges are considered white collar crimes and are often non-violent in nature but still pose large complications to individuals faced with criminal accusations. After an arrest or an investigation for an internet-based crime, you need to act quickly. Time is not on your side, and you could be quickly facing criminal charges including jail or prison time, fines and restitution. You need to contact the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen and retain the legal assistance of a trusted Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer today. Internet crimes will often include:

  • Fraudulent activities such as money laundering, identity theft, and posing as a company or individual that is false
  • Threats including bullying and threats of physical violence
  • Using the internet to traffic drugs or human cargo
  • Cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism
  • Harassment
  • Spam
  • Hacking
  • Espionage
  • Virus attacks and malware
  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution

In the age of internet-based research, communication and interaction, it is easy to see how internet crimes can be abundant, but Texas law enforcement have begun using computer-based technologies and informants to lure criminals away from the internet and into police custody. It is important that, if you are being investigated or assume that an investigation will soon be under way, you contact the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen as soon as possible.

Defense Against Charges of Internet Crimes

Internet crimes are not usually physical in nature, which makes evidence difficult to obtain. There are many defenses that may be useful to you when you are faced with an accusation of internet crime. My firm will fully investigate your entire case and ensure that your privacy rights were not infringed upon during the gathering or obtaining of the evidence used to prosecute you. If there is any weakness in the prosecutor's case, I will attack and aggressively fight for your freedom. You need to work with an attorney right away; contact my firm today and schedule a confidential, risk-free case evaluation now.