Assault Defense Attorney in Fort Bend County

Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Types of Assault

Assault is a completely separate crime from battery, although the two are usually charged in conjunction with each other and used synonymously. In Texas, you can be charged with assault if you make a threat to commit violence toward another person with valid reason for the person to believe that you could follow through with the violence. You may also be charged with assault if you take a swing at a person and miss because the threat of violence was present in your actions.

There are a few types of assault that you can be charged with in the state of Texas. Felony assault can be any assault in which excessive force or a deadly weapon is used to commit the crime, while misdemeanor assault, also known as simple assault, can be charged against someone for the act of domestic violence. To be charged with misdemeanor assault, the officer must see you actually commit the offense or threaten the person. You can be charged with assault if you act in a dangerous or reckless manner that causes bodily harm or threatens bodily harm to a person or if you make physical contact with a person after a threat has already been made. Penalties for conviction may include jail time, fines and mandatory anger-management courses.

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