Drug Manufacturing Charges in Texas

Fort Bend County Drug Crime Attorney

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney experienced in drug crimes as soon as possible. Texas has extremely harsh penalties that can be imposed for drug manufacturing. At the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen, I have extensive experience with this area of the law. I was a former Texas prosecutor, and am very familiar with both sides of the criminal justice system - a big advantage for you. Don't take a chance with your rights and freedoms. The quality of your Fort Bend County drug manufacturing lawyer can make a significant difference in the final outcome of your case.

Manufacturing drugs includes cultivating plants, and the production and/or possession of items necessary to create drugs or grow plants. The manufacturing of marijuana could include the cultivation of the plants themselves, or even just possessing seeds, lamps and other gardening equipment. In recent years, methamphetamine labs have sprung up in people's homes, garages, and sheds, and involve several specific types of equipment, and law enforcement is alert to these mini-labs, and is looking for those involved in manufacturing meth, whether in a small or large operation. You could be charged with manufacturing meth, whether or not you have actually produced a complete product, if certain items are found in your possession.

The type of drug and the quantity involved will largely determine the punishment in a conviction. Illegal drugs, or controlled substances, include marijuana, methamphetamines, LSD, ecstasy, and many others. Penalties for manufacturing these drugs can range from 180 days to 2 years in jail and fines up to $10,000 for smaller amounts, and up to 99 years in prison with fines up to $250,000 for larger amounts. There are enhanced penalties for manufacturing drugs in an area designated as a drug free zone, such as a school.

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As a skilled drug crime lawyer, I am proud of my numerous successes in defending clients facing charges of manufacturing controlled substances. As with any crime, you are innocent until proven guilty. You need an aggressive approach to protect you against the actions of zealous prosecutors, and I am committed to providing each client with the best defense possible. If you want representation that values your future and freedom as much as you do, then contact me right away.