Fort Bend County Probation Violation Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney Fights Probation Violation Charges

After conviction for criminal offenses, individuals may be sentenced to serve probation. Probation is an opportunity for an individual to serve a criminal sentence without having to spend time in jail or prison. Living on probation means that you are restricted to certain terms and must completely abide by the rules and regulations of your probationary agreement in order to avoid further complications or jail time. If you or a loved one has been sentenced to serve probation and has violated any terms of the probation agreement, you need to contact the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen right away and retain trusted legal counsel.

Probation often requires individuals to continually check in with probationary officers and inform them of any address changes or moves during the probationary terms. In some situations, moves or address changes may be completely prohibited. Almost every time a convicted individual meets with a probationary officer, they will need to take a urine sample to ensure that they have refrained from the use of alcohol and drugs. Community service may also be required, and there may need to be written evidence from an official at the location where the community service is being served. If you are on probation and fail to comply by any of these laws or regulations, your probation may be lengthened, made stricter, or revoked, meaning you will be forced to serve the remainder of your sentence in jail.

Have you violated your probationary terms?

If you know that you have been in violation of your probationary terms, or you feel that you are being wrongfully accused of violating a term, then you need to contact the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen right away. When you work with my firm, you will be working with a highly experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney who is always looking for the best possible solution to your case. I can investigate every aspect of your charge and conviction to ensure that you are being treated in a fair and just manner. I understand that this time in your life may be difficult, but with the assistance of the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen, you may be able to receive a favorable outcome. Contact my firm today and schedule a risk-free case evaluation to speak an attorney right away.