Burglary Defense Lawyer in Fort Bend County

Have you been accused of committing a burglary?

If you are facing burglary charges, it is vital that you connect with a highly qualified Fort Bend County burglary attorney immediately. A burglary charge is a very serious legal issue, and a conviction could pose a real threat to your freedom. Call the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen and allow me to review your legal situation. I am a former prosecutor and I know what weaknesses to look for in the prosecutor's case. A full review of the evidence in your case will allow me to identify a strategy to employ in defending you as your criminal attorney.

Penalties for Burglary in Fort Bend County

Burglary is the charged filed if a person is accused of entering a habitation, a building, or any part of a building not open to the public without the owner's consent and with the intent to commit a felony, a theft, or assault. You can also be charged with burglary if it is alleged that you remaining concealed in a building or habitation without permission and with the same intent, or by entering a building or habitation and committing or attempting to commit a felony, theft, or an assault.

If you are convicted of burglary, you could face varying levels of penalties, depending on the type of burglary charges. Generally, burglary will be classified as a state jail felony, which is punishable by up to 2 years in state prison, and fines up to $10,000. If the burglary is committed upon a habitation, or a home, it can be classified as a second degree felony, which carries a penalty up to 20 years in prison.

With the possibilities of large fines and time in jail, you need experienced legal counsel by your side if you are facing burglary charges. Call my firm now for representation from a Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer you can trust.