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Expunctions & Nondisclosures

Did you know that you can seal your criminal records? After a conviction, your criminal records become public and anyone can view your criminal history. This can be a serious area of concern for those who are looking to obtain jobs, school loans, and even housing. Crimes that were committed years ago can stick with a person throughout their life, and even small misdemeanors can carry negative lifelong repercussions. Although this can be very stressful, there is a way to close these records to the public. By working with a Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen, you can expunge your criminal past, or seal these records.

Expunging a record does not destroy it, but instead will seal the record from public access. Once the record is expunged, you can legally deny that the crime ever occurred and the conviction will no longer show up on criminal background checks. Some agencies, including local and federal law enforcement, will still be able to see these records, but employers and housing officials will not.

When can a record be expunged?

It is important to remember, however, that some records cannot be completely sealed. These crimes include:

  • Murder
  • Sex crimes (you will have to register as an offender of the rest of your life)
  • Kidnapping
  • Serious violent crimes

Article 55.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure discusses expunction in detail. Circumstances where expunction may be possible include:

  • An arrest was made but never a charge
  • Your conviction was overturned through an appeal
  • You were convicted or charged as a result of identity theft
  • You were charged but then the indictment was dismissed
  • The Governor gave you a pardon

How do I get an expunction?

A Petition for Expunction will need to filed with the court where your arrest occurred or where the alleged crime took place. The petition will require important information including personal information and the details of your charge or conviction. A hearing will be scheduled within 30 days and during this time the case will be reviewed and an objection may be filed by the Texas Department of Public Safety if they find there is reason for concern. If no objection is made and the court deems you as eligible then your Fort Bend County expunction lawyer will need to give the judge an Order of Expunction to sign. Gaining an expungement can offer a wealth of benefits and working with a criminal attorney can help improve your chances of a successful end result.

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It is clear to see why expunging your criminal records can highly benefit your life. These cases are typically sorted out in about nine months in Fort Bend County and the surrounding counties. When you work with my firm, I can review your record and retrieve a copy of your criminal convictions. I will keep you informed on your case and do my best to ensure that your case is settled in a timely manner. At the Law Office of Steven Rocket Rosen, you will be able to retain the legal counsel of a trusted lawyer who stands ready to provide you with aggressive representation for your criminal case and ensure that you receive a swift resolution to your expungement. Do not hesitate to contact the firm today to schedule a case evaluation now.